Welcome to Candela

“ It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.”

Lena Horne

I offer compassionate and constructive counselling services to meet the diverse needs of my clients. Through a process of guided self-reflection you will become increasingly aware of how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours interact and how you can move with them in the direction of your values. I will assist you in learning new ways of responding to old struggles so that you are more open, aware and actively engaged in your life. Perhaps anxiety, depression or relationship issues are weighing you down. My goal is to empower you to create a full and meaningful life, while effectively handling the pain and stress that life inevitably brings.

I am committed to helping you develop the psychological skills to move though your most difficult thoughts and feelings, rather than moving against them. These are the places you may be struggling with right now, the places where you suffer the most. Perhaps you have tried very hard to change these thoughts, feelings and sensations, but they keep coming back and interfering with what you really want your life to be about. Maybe it is time to reach out. Candela Counselling for anxiety will help you let go of the struggle so that you have more freedom and flexibility to chose what you want in your life, even if you are not sure what that might be yet. Fear and insecurity do not need to limit you any longer. You can step out of suffering and step into vitality.  I look forward to helping you discover your unique path to wellness!