Whether involving food, alcohol, drugs or sex, addictions are avoidance driven behaviours. In counselling we will explore what feelings, thoughts or experiences you are trying to avoid by engaging in this behaviour. With mindfulness and compassion we will explore the places where you struggle most and I will guide you in developing healthier ways of responding to internal and external stress. We will also examine what happens before you use, during and after. In this way we will get a clearer picture of how the cycle plays out for you so that we can interrupt the pattern in sustainable and satisfying ways.

I will give you concrete strategies for dealing with cravings and you will learn skills to identify and regulate when you are most vulnerable to using. I will support in doing the hard work of letting go of self-medicating in pursuit of creating a life of personal value and meaningfulness. At every step of the way I will encourage you to reconnect with desires which may have been pushed aside by the cycle of addiction. If you are tired of feeling out of control I can help you develop the clarity and commitment to let go of unworkable habits and move towards lasting change.